Unleashing Leadership

Exploring the hidden assumptions that determine and limit leadership practice to unleash new leadership across the FE System.

Participating in Research

If you are looking for a way to elevate your leadership team to embrace new directions that can mobilise energy, ideas and practices which can take you to new levels of excellence in the Further Education and Skills sector, then participating in this study is the right opportunity for you.


We Offer Maximum Return with Minimum Input!!

  • Personal Leadership Development

Participating individuals receive a free personalised leadership assessment and development report.

Discover if you are a pre-dominantly a Controller Leader, Therapist Leader, Messiah Leader or Eco-leader… You may be surprised!

  • Organisational Leadership Development

The participating organisations receive an overview report of the leadership results of participating employees, which is invaluable in thinking about contemporary leadership situation and the future needs you may have within the organisation.

This Leadership report enables you to benchmark your current leadership status, and set your aim for leadership development and training.


  • Unique Approach

We utilize the ‘technology of coaching’ to design OD interventions that benefit the whole organization, working on culture change, developing distributed leadership and implementing strategic change.

For more information, please visit our website; Analytic-Network Coaching Ltd.


About The Project

This research aims to explore the underlying leadership assumptions, perceptions and aspirations in the Further Education system. Based on a very well-respected discourse analysis methodology, we intend to discover the conscious biases and overt preferences that shape how leadership is thought about, developed and practiced.

This research aims at supporting a re-humanising and embedding of leadership back into its FE communities and FE contexts.

To fulfil the research aim, we are looking for organisations to participate in this research study with

  • Employees at various levels of seniority in the FE sector
  • Working in FE sector in UK and Northern Ireland
  • From diverse geographic, ethnic and discipline backgrounds


Your Contribution

You will be invited to participate in 4 simple stages of the research process.

  • 1) The college/organisation leadership agree to participate and select 30-80 individuals they believe will benefit from leadership development and meet our selection criteria.
  • 2) Individual participants take a 15-min online leadership questionnaire (www.hiddenleadership.com) for which they get a comprehensive personalised leadership report.
  • 3) 10% of individuals will be selected for a qualitative research interview (30-60 mins).
  • 4) A one-hour focus group discussion with a selected group.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions. We are happy to review any of this with you and answer any questions you may have.

If you are interested to participate in this study, please contact undersigned.

Dr Simon Western (Lead Researcher)

Email: simon@analyticnetwork.com

Mob No.: +353 851362219

hidden leadership poster

This research is being funded by FETL but please contact Dr Simon Western direct if you wish to participate.