Leaders or Leadership

The century of the system

Just as we can’t do much with bare hands, we can’t think much with bare brains. At FETL we aim to stimulate and feed thinking in and by our sector, and to explore new dimensions of ourselves in roles and in tasks in order to be best prepared for what’s ahead, to offer strong contribution to its success.

Part of this mission is to bring ideas in from elsewhere, to enable new insights on our world and the state we’re in; most of all to work with these amongst ourselves so we become stronger, more confident of our place in the world, and better able to advocate for the education and training opportunities we collectively deliver. I have heard Jim Krantz speak on many occasions, and I have never failed to go away feeling that he has added much to the way I see the world.

Jim’s collaborative model of consultation and inclusive style of delivery has much resonance for our sector. His thinking on organisational life has greatly enriched many. His is a compelling hypothesis: that to understand the unique characteristic of each organisation, you need first to understand the underlying systemic factors that it operates in.


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