• Learning from Lockdown

    A new report from FETL uses ‘listening post’ methodology to draw key lessons from the response of further education staff and leaders to the COVID-19 lockdown

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  • Letting the Light in

    A new FETL report reflects on the personal and institutional impact of shame, and how leaders and organisations can begin the process of recovery and repair

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  • Leadership and Careers Provision

    Leaders have a key role to play in creating career pathways for young people and adults trying to negotiate the complexity and unpredictability of the new world of work, according to a new report from FETL

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  • A Framework for Leading in FE and Skills: 2021

    A Framework for Leading in FE and Skills: 2021, written by Simon Kelleher of Policy Connect, provides an overview of the key elements of the current landscape, including the most recent policy changes, while providing a breakdown of the roles senior leaders and leadership teams may take on, their core responsibilities and challenges of leadership in the current climate.

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  • Honourable Histories

    Compiled by Professor Ewart Keep, Tom Richmond, Director of education think tank EDSK, and Dame Ruth Silver, President of FETL, Honourable Histories surveys 30 years of changes andimpacts in FE from 1991 on.

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  • The Way We Work

    The Covid-19 pandemic has asked difficult questions of us all, and nowhere more than in the education sector.

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The Further Education Trust for Leadership is an independent think tank established to strengthen and develop the leadership of thinking from, in and about the further education system.

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Our mission

The Further Education Trust for Leadership (FETL) aims to foster and support the leadership of thinking in further education and skills. FETL offers opportunities to colleagues in and around the further education and skills system. We do this through our programme for the exploration of future possibilities, the events we offer and the resources we produce. We support sector colleagues to undertake research and development activities in areas which are of interest to them and which are relevant to the leadership of thinking, in pursuit of intelligent sector development. Their thinking in turn informs the creation of new, collaborative spaces of possibility, encouraging generative engagement with relevant partners.

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