• Honourable Histories

    Everyone who has worked in or around further education and skills for any length of time will have been frustrated by the shortness of policy memory in the sector, particularly at the level of policymaking.

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  • Voices from the tightrope: the role of distress

    ‘On the tightrope’: Distress in further education A new FETL report considers the drivers of distress among FE leaders and asks what leaders can do to cope.

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  • The role of leadership in prioritising and improving the quality of teaching and learning in further education

    This report presents the findings and recommendations of an independent research project into the role of leadership in prioritising and improving the quality of teaching and learning in further education. The project captures the views and experiences of further education (FE) staff working at all levels, from senior leaders to hourly paid tutors and learning support staff.

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  • How can Psychoanalysis and systems theory contribute to the leadership of thinking in the further education and skills sector?

    Perceptions of leaders and their leadership can be harsh and unforgiving. Their role is frequently a lonely one, beset by false conceptions, projections and grand delusions. This is true particularly at the very top of an organisation, where budgetary, curricular and accountability pressures are most acute and leaders frequently bear the brunt of the resentment of their staff and partners. This is sometimes fair and well-founded. Often, though, it is not that simple.

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  • The Unseen Strategic Leader: The governance professionals’ place and their resource needs in facilitating effective governance

    A new paper from FETL considers the nature of governance in FE and asks how governance professionals can be supported in ensuring more effective governance.

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  • Not just other people’s children: what the public thinks about vocational education

    Previous SMF research has highlighted the relative neglect of Further Education in both the media and among policymakers. Some have suggested this reflects broader social and cultural perceptions that vocational education is less prestigious and desirable than academic education. To the contrary, in this briefing we present the results of a nationally representative survey which shows that the general public believe vocational qualifications to be just as useful and desirable as a university degree – if not more.

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The Further Education Trust for Leadership is an independent think tank established to strengthen and develop the leadership of thinking from, in and about the further education system.

FETL ceased its work and operating with effect from 31 March 2021 and has wound down its affairs in an orderly manner and paid all known debts in full. The Members have followed best practice by placing the Company into members’ voluntary liquidation. They have appointed Sean Croston of Grant Thornton UK LLP to formally conclude the affairs and life of the Company, having concluded their planned work.

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Our mission

The Further Education Trust for Leadership (FETL) aims to foster and support the leadership of thinking in further education and skills. FETL offers opportunities to colleagues in and around the further education and skills system. We do this through our programme for the exploration of future possibilities, the events we offer and the resources we produce. We support sector colleagues to undertake research and development activities in areas which are of interest to them and which are relevant to the leadership of thinking, in pursuit of intelligent sector development. Their thinking in turn informs the creation of new, collaborative spaces of possibility, encouraging generative engagement with relevant partners.

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