Thinking differently about the FE and Skills sector using systems theory

Thinking differently about the FE and Skills sector using systems theory

06th October 2015

At FETL we are focused on the “leadership of ‘thinking’ as opposed to the leadership of ‘doing’. One of our 2015 grant projects, led by Working Well, has grasped this challenge through their work with a range of leaders in the FE and Skills sector.

As they explain in their first Thinkpiece for us, “while leading ‘doing’ is of course important, it inevitably means acting within existing paradigms rather than questioning, reshaping or creating new ones. Leading thinking focuses on developing and sustaining the capacity for thoughtfulness and reflective practice”.

Their strategic seminars are exploring a range of themes in order to bring about new approaches based on key psychoanalytic concepts and systemic thinking. This Thinkpiece, the first of nine, introduces the themes around systems theory, and its place in the leadership of thinking. It asks some challenging questions about how the sector chooses to define itself, and whether these choices are taking us forward, or holding us back.

As Working Well remind us, “leading thinking in FE and Skills means encouraging all members in the system (staff, learners, stakeholders, policymakers) to actively engage in education” – the Thinkpiece makes for really interesting reading, and we’d love to know what you think.

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