Thinking Allowed - Mark Ravenhall

Thinking Allowed - Mark Ravenhall

24th December 2014

FE is noted for its adaptability, and its agility in responding to the changing needs of individuals and employers. But that very agility – FE’s ability to ‘get things done’ – has, at times, been at the cost of longer-term strategic thinking.  “Those strengths and that reputation are really important,” Ravenhall says.  “But it is also important to take time out from that and think hard about what you are doing, so you can do those things better and get the recognition you deserve.”  The comparative lack of research into what works in further education has left the sector “underresearched, under-modelled, underconceptualised and, therefore, not understood”, he argues.

Read the full article and a profile commentary by Mark Wright. here, Thinking Allowed

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