Right2Learn campaign launch

Right2Learn campaign launch

09th December 2020

Unequal access to education throughout life is a huge, growing cause of inequality in our country - with four million fewer adults participating in education now than in 2010.

It sows division in our communities; entrenches low skills, low wage work and levels down the life chances of millions. Building back better must mean breaking down these barriers. That is why, taking our inspiration from the report last year of the Lifelong Learning Commission, we are calling now for a new statutory right to learn for every UK citizen throughout their lives – enabled and backed up by strong funding, information, advice and guidance.

The Campaign for the Right to Learn (R2L) will bring together organisations and individuals from across society to advocate for the policies necessary to ensure that everyone is able to access the learning they need when they need it.

Covid has damaged hundreds of thousands of people’s lives, livelihoods and life chances and makes the need for R2L even more pressing. Learning is key to healing the deep divisions that exist between our communities and in our society which have been exacerbated by the pandemic.

It appears that across political parties that the need for learning throughout life is finally being recognized. However, it is imperative that any policies implemented to address unequal access to education are underpinned by a statutory right to learn. They also need to be informed by the views of learners and those who deliver learning. The R2L campaign will provide the platform for these views.

We call upon all those who share this vision to join our new campaign for the right to learn.

To learn more about the Campaign for the Right to Learn and how you can contribute, including via opinion pieces on lifelong learning please contact:

Dr. Graeme Atherton at info@right2learn.co.uk or on 07824412702.