Webinar: Finding the glass slipper

Webinar: Finding the glass slipper

19th October 2018, 12.30 - 13.30

Finding the glass slipper. This webinar is an interview with Carol Thompson, FETL Fellow 2018, and Peter Mayhew-Smith.

An increase in the scrutiny of Teacher activity has been likened to a reduction in teacher agency and the development of a more defined, less autonomous and potentially formulaic approach to teaching. In addition, the codification of 'good' teaching and learning embedded through teacher education, Professional Standards and bodies such as Ofsted has provided very distinct guidelines to direct teachers' activities in the classroom.  This aim of this research was to explore how leadership within Further Education impacts on teaching and learning, specifically on the autonomy Teachers have to construct their work in creative ways. The project investigated how professionals are constrained or empowered to develop methods which allow them to innovate rather than replicate in the classroom; ultimately creating an environment which inspires and challenges learners. Semi-structured interviews with Teachers, Managers and Leaders were used to explore factors which both enabled and constrained innovation in the classroom. Findings outlined a range of similarities for all groups in relation to specific 'enablers' to creativity and some distinct differences in those factors considered to be constraints.  One significant difference was the perceptions of Teacher agency which influenced attitudes to whether or not Teachers were willing to move away from more prescriptive approaches in order to explore alternative methods.  A stark contrast was found between the views of Teachers and Leaders in relation to the constraints, or freedom to be found in the teaching role suggesting miscommunication or misconception by one or both parties. This webinar will explore the research and findings. You can download the publication ahead of the webinar here: http://fetl.org.uk/publications/finding-the-glass-slipper-the-impact-of-leadership-on-innovation-in-further-education


17th July 2019

The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed” – William Gibson, 2003

The next FETL symposium will be held in Parliament and will focus on the emerging role of technology in further education. EdTech and the application of AI has the potential to transform every aspect of teaching, learning and the education environment – but will it and indeed should it?

In line with the Government’s EdTech Strategy, this event will explore the impact of technology on teaching and highlight some of the latest innovations that are being employed in the classroom and workshop to enhance learning. Specifically, the event will involve students to provide a live demonstration of how virtual and mixed reality can provide a more hands-on educational experience.

The symposium discussion will address the challenges and efficacy of moving towards a more technology centred FE sector.

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Attlee Suite
Portcullis House
1 Parliament Street

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