WEBINAR: Higher Education in Further Education: Leading the Challenge

WEBINAR: Higher Education in Further Education: Leading the Challenge

08th June 2018, 12.30 - 13.30


This webinar will consider the issues raised in the FETL Monograph “Higher Education in Further Education: leading the challenge” (Widdowson and King FETL 2018).

In it the authors assess the challenges and opportunities facing colleges offering higher education alongside their core business of further education. It will deal with matters such as developing an effective strategy for HE and how to approach managing relationships with universities and other partners. The impact on students and their experience whilst at college is rightly given significant attention. The monograph closes by looking at the challenges for leaders and concludes that colleges have a unique role to play in teaching higher level courses. They bring much needed diversity to the range of providers and qualifications available and meet the needs of students with the ability to succeed in higher education who might not otherwise be given the opportunity. The authors prospects for HE in FE are good given strong leadership and imaginative vision.

  In writing the monograph, the authors have drawn on the expertise of colleges in the Mixed Economy Group. Those colleges have many years’ experience in designing and delivering college based HE in a variety of contexts. They make a major contribution to the total of over 150,000 students who choose to study HE in an FE college. It can be downloaded here https://fetl.org.uk/publications/higher-education-in-further-education-leading-the-challenge/


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