Mental Wellbeing and Leadership Webinar

Mental Wellbeing and Leadership Webinar

31st October 2017, 12:30

In conversation with Dame Ruth Silver: mental wellbeing and leadership

Kathryn James interviews Dame Ruth Silver, President of FETL.  Dame Ruth will talk about FETL’s work and priorities about mental health and wellbeing.

This is a free webinar organised by MHFE, a network for anyone with an interest in adult education and mental health. Please register here.  
15th February 2018

There is no commonly accepted definition of further education (FE), with the term being used to embrace provision that ranges from foundation learning for adults to higher apprenticeships, as well as academic and vocational education for young people from age 14 onwards.  This lecture will be given by Professor Martin Doel the FETL Professor of Leadership in Further Education and Skills.

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14th March 2018

Whistleblowing – and the loss of the good self

An exploration in search of a new understanding of the processes that underlie the stigmatisation of whistleblowers, by Mark Stein

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