At FETL we believe inspiration is all around us; we just need space and time to explore what it means for our work. Here, we aim to publish and share new thinking from leaders, academics and policy people from across the world.

Our FETL blog provides the latest reflections from our team and partners, including FETL research fellows and grant holders. We feature links to FETL articles on other websites or in the media. We hope you find it useful. To keep abreast of the latest developments in our work, please follow the Twitter link below.


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In the busy globalised world in which we live, we often forget that inspiration sparks our curiosity and awakens us to new possibilities and experiences. At FETL we want to ignite the FE and skills sector to what it can become. Take time to explore and share our content, read our blogs, hear about the research we have funded and the work we are currently involved in.