FETL's Parliamentary Symposium - the messages to take away

FETL's Parliamentary Symposium - the messages to take away

13th November 2015

Thank you to everyone who attended the FETL symposium and contributed to making it such a worthwhile event.

Our round up of the symposium is now available here with some great take away messages for us all.  At the event Anne Marie Morris MP, PPS to Nick Boles, invited FETL to add to the evidence base of FE, saying “Help us, look at whether we are getting it right in the first place and then monitoring what we do to make sure we are delivering on our objectives.” This is an invitation that FETL will be very willing to accept.

You can also read FE Week’s report on the event, FETL Chair Jill Westerman’s thoughts on what next for FE and Skills and Stewart Segal from AELP about how skills delivery needs to be more integrated.

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