Past fellows and projects

What fellowships have FETL previously awarded?

  • Fostering creative leadership in FE – Ruth Allen, the Cornwall College Group.
  • The impact of leadership on part-time teachers – Ann Creed, Workers’ Educational Association.
  • Attitudes to leadership of diversification and risk in sixth-form colleges – Alex Day, Peter Symonds College.
  • Leadership challenges of third-sector providers – Tim Ward, The Learning Curve.
  • Leverage leadership: A new paradigm for further education? – Steve Lambert, University of Chester
  • What would FE look like if adults who don’t currently engage with lifelong learning had a voice to shape the sector? – Jessica Russell, Southend Adult Community College

You can read more about these research projects and the fellows below.

Past Fellows:

Tim Ward, The Learning Curve

Tim Ward is Chief Executive of The Learning Curve, a not-for-profit organisation focused on workforce and organisational... Read full biography

Alex Day, Peter Symonds College

Alex Day has led the adult and higher education division of Peter Symonds College in Winchester for seven years – a... Read full biography

Ruth Allen, the Cornwall College Group

Ruth Allen is Group Development Manager with the Cornwall College Group, a major provider of further education which... Read full biography

Ann Creed, Workers’ Educational Association

Ann Creed is an experienced researcher with strong roots in community education. She describes herself as ‘an... Read full biography

Steve Lambert

Dr Steve Lambert is a Senior Lecturer in educational leadership and Programme Leaders for the MA in Educational... Read full biography

Jessica Russell

Jessica Russell works at Southend Adult Community College and is currently lead for the Adult Education Mental Health... Read full biography

Past projects:

The role of leadership in prioritising and improving the quality of teaching and learning in FE

This project aims to explore the interface between strategic thinking in leadership, its application at an operational level and how this connects to successful outcomes in teaching and learning.

Recognising Excellent Governance in the Independent Training Provider Sector

This monograph will seek to determine and recognise excellent practice in the ITP sector.

Employers in the driving seat? New thinking for FE leadership

A major new 12 month research project called Employers in the driving seat? New thinking for FE leadership has been launched by AELP – the Association of Employment and Learning Providers supported by FETL, the Further Education Trust for Leadership.

Matt Hamnett & Associates

This project will explore different perspectives on, and approaches to, the transformation of further education institutions – particularly those which require urgent action to address poor performance and other organisational challenges.

A 21st Century Skills System: a cross-country comparison between Scotland and Northern Ireland

Building upon earlier work looking at the future challenges facing Scotland’s skills system, this project led by IPPR will consider how best to respond to these challenges and a skills system ready for the 21st Century in Northern Ireland and Scotland can be created, delivering innovation in our economy and our society.

Unleashing Leadership: Exploring the hidden assumptions that determine and limit leadership practice to unleash new leadership across the FE System

The key aim of this research is to explore the underlying leadership assumptions, perceptions and aspirations in the FE system. Based on a framework of four discourses of leadership derived from published academic research of Dr Simon Western, it aims to discover the biases and preferences that shape how leadership is thought about, developed and practised in FE. The research findings will be... Read more

Leading innovation in further education and skills

This project looked at innovation in further education, where innovation comes from, and how it can be encouraged.

What next for FE and skills in Scotland

Working with IPPR Scotland, this project consists of a roundtable, symposium and research report bringing together key representatives from within and outwith the skills system in Scotland, key decision makers, employers and students to take stock of the last few years and look ahead to how the skills system can build on its current performance to ensure it is best fulfilling its role, meeting the... Read more

Possibility thinking

Possibility Thinking is a new collection of essays published in collaboration with the RSA. It focuses on three interconnected and overlapping areas of change that will enhance the FE and skills sector’s potential to develop the creative capacities of learners and their communities