FETL provides research and development opportunities focused in the main on exploring the leadership of thinking in further education and skills.

We have offered research fellowships to individuals and development grants to organisations working to develop knowledge of and for leading thinking in further education.

Developing thinking in further education: An invitation to help shape the future

At FETL, we are building a body of knowledge to enhance the leadership of thinking in further education and skills. We recognise that, crucial as they are, the skills of leadership are insufficient for the leadership of a constantly adaptive layer in the education system.

FETL is determined to change this. In addition to our programmes of grants and fellowships, we have worked with the Institute of Education, University College London, to fund a Chair in Further Education Leadership to guide and develop leaders across the sector. This is a unique undertaking: the world’s first university chair in FE leadership.

The role of the chair is to encourage academic and practitioner research focused on the distinctive challenge of developing the leadership of thinking in further education and training in the service of learners and learning.

FETL fellows and grant holders undertake research projects which develop thinking in and about FE and skills. We have welcomed expressions of interest from individuals, institutions, sector membership bodies and other organisations with innovative and visionary ideas relevant to the field of FE and skills.

How we work

FETL is an independent think tank which aims to fund work inclusively with other professionals and organisations across the UK. In working with other organisations and individuals we are open, collaborative and supportive in style.

We see the three strands of our funded programme – the university chair, the fellowships and the grants programme – as linked and mutually supportive. Together, they are producing a body of new thinking in FE that will help, develop and sustain the sector.