Our vision

What we do today must inform and improve the sector’s future.

Our vision is of a further education and skills sector that is valued and respected for:

  • innovating constantly to meet the needs of learners, communities and employers;
  • preparing for the long term as well as delivering in the short term;
  • sharing fresh ideas generously, informing practice with knowledge and knowledge with professional practice.

We support this vision by creating opportunities for colleagues in and around the sector to develop the evidence needed to change policy and influence practice. We do this through our programme of commissioned work for the exploration of future possibilities, the events we offer and the resources we produce and disseminate.

As an organisation we intend to be:



Encouraging new ideas to improve all aspects of further education by the leadership of thinking.


Creating a body of knowledge to enrich both leadership learning and learners’ lives.


Using evidence, networks and resources strategically and impartially.


Provoking new ways of working to deliver excellence in the leadership for learning within further education.


Using our voice and assets wisely at all times.