Annual Lecture

The 2018 Annual Lecture took place at Kings Place, in London, on 14th March. This page captures the activity around the lecture, the lecture itself, and the feedback that was received.

The Annual Lecture 2018 was delivered by Professor Mark Stein. Mark’s topic was ‘Whistleblowing – and the loss of the good self’. It explored the impact of the process of whistleblowing and its stigmatisation not only on the whistleblower but also on the organisation and the consequent shame and guilt evoked in staff.

You can watch the full lecture here:

You can also watch the lecture is sections below:

  • 1) Introduction
  • 2) Definitions
  • 3) Problematizing
  • 4) Underpinning Theory
  • 5) Case study
  • 6) Implications
  • 7) Q&A session

Read Dame Ruth Silver’s blog about the lecture here – Thanks for the bad news – now let’s think about how to improve.

Inaugural Lecture 2015

10th March 2015, Central London, James Krantz (Worklab, New York City) will be delivering the FETL Inaugural Lecture.

Some tweets about the event

Chris Husbands ‏@Director_IOE Mar 10 – “Krantz @FETforL – neat potted history of theories of leadership and emergence of theories of visionary leadership”

Thomas Kohut ‏@ThomasKohut Mar 10 – “Krantz – as organisations change in the 21stC, leadership can be part of, and even an output of the system itself @FETforL

CampaignforLearning ‏@CForLearning Mar 10 – “Listening to @FETforL inaugural lecture by Dr Jim Krantz on leadership. Fascinating.”

Chris Husbands ‏@Director_IOE Mar 10 – “Krantz @FETforL – reminds that FETL is about the leadership of thinking, not leadership thinking”

Landex ‏@Landexnews Mar 10 – “Watching Jim Krantz inaugural lecture on leaders or leadership the century of the system @FETforL

CandiEXTRA ‏@CandiEXTRA Mar 10 Islington, London – “@FETforL interesting lecture this evening leadership – enrolment vs empowerment”

Jenny Brandham ‏@JennyBrandham Mar 10 – “Excellent thoughts from @FETforL in the inaugural lecture, thank you”


You can download your own copy of Remembered Thinking here.